About Me

Hi! My name is Greg McMillan and I’m an iPhoneographer.

The camera on the iPhone is really amazing. It takes great photos and the selection of apps that you can use to edit and share your photos is endless. In fact, I have so much fun with iPhone photography that in 2016 I sold off all of my Canon gear and went all-in iPhone for my photography. To capture my vision of the world as I see it, I rely on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, macro lenses by ReeflexMoment and Struman Optics, an Opus tripod, and the many apps available that can turn everyday photos into creative works of art.

I’m honoured to have been a co-host on the Tiny Shutter podcast where we discussed all things related to iPhone photography.  In the fall of 2020, Tiny Shutter wrapped up production as we knew it, but the show’s co-founder Marc Sadowski still does the odd episode when time permits. You can catch up on past episodes on iTunes or the Tiny Shutter website

In 2018 I finally realized my dream of publishing a book about my iPhone photography. I struggled with how to go about it because my first thought was to write about how to DO iPhone photography, but the medium is constantly changing – apps change, the phones themselves change with new releases every year. Then I had an epiphany. I would tell my story about my journey when I made the transition from traditional photography to iPhoneography. Every page has a photo on it that was taken with one of the iPhones I’ve owned since starting with the 4s. The book is available on the Apple Books Store and is available in 51 countries.

In January  2020, after taking over as host of an online community for iPhoneographers called The Artful iPhotography Community, I decided to dip my toes into the podcasting pool with my own show. It started as The Artful iPhoneography Interviews where I interviewed members of the community as well as special guests from the iPhoneography space. Since then, the name has changed to The iPhoneography Podcast and I’ve accepted the torch passed on to me from Marc Sadowski, to carry on with a podcast dedicated to all things iPhoneography. Dave Podnar, a fellow Tiny Shutter alumni, has joined me as co-host. In 2021, I’ve expanded in the podcast world to include another show under The iPhoneography Podcast name. YouTube creator, David Addison, has started his own show, aptly named The David Addison Show, and this has enabled me to take on the name “The iPhoneography Podcast Network”. David is a great addition to the network and I’ve given him the freedom to do his show his way and release them whenever he wishes. The podcast lives at iphoneography.ca.

Much of my spare time in 2021 was spent writing my first “real” book that will be printed soon. It’s part of a series of books under the banner, “iPhone Photography For Everybody” and my book is about macro photography, so the working title is, “iPhone Photography For Everybody – iPhone Macro Techniques”. I’m very excited to see the final product and I’ll be promoting the book everywhere I can.

I have another site where I write about my personal thoughts and you can see more of my photos and such on my Flickr Photostream or on Glass.