One of the best things about being a podcaster in the iPhone Photography space is the opportunities I get to talk and interact with interesting people from all around the world. Below are some of the interviews, contributions and partnerships I’ve been blessed to be a part of.

The Bloody Legends Livestream

My good friend, Shayne Mostyn, from Australia has a YouTube channel dedicated to night time long exposure photography and every two weeks I join him for a livestream that is broadcast on YouTube and in his Facebook Group where we talk shop about mobile photography and have a look at some of the photos that are posted to the group. We also have guests on to discuss their special talents.

Shayne’s YouTube Channel

The Bloody Legends Facebook Group

Article on

I was approached by this website to give some insight on the limitations of the iPhone as a camera. Also mentioned in the article is a fellow from Austria, Chris Feichtner, who I later interviewed on my podcast.

Huffington Post

I answered the call on Twitter from a freelance journalist asking for tips when shooting with an iPhone. Melissa Lee conducted an email interview where I answered some questions that appeared in the article.

Phone Photo Show

Pro photographer, Scott Bourne, and former USA Today tech journalist turned YouTube Creator, Jefferson Graham, embarked on a one year project where Scott was going to use an iPhone as his main primary camera for the duration of that year. They produced a podcast to go along with the project and Jefferson has decided to continue doing the show while Scott has moved on to do his own thing.