About The Shot – The Portrait

I have waited a long time to take this portrait.

Over the years, I’ve seen portraits in black and white with what is called the Dragon Effect applied to them. This look was developed by Polish photographer and film maker, Andrzej Dragon. While it has also been done in colour images, I’ve wanted to do it for a black and white, and this is the first photo I’ve taken where it fits the image. The effect isn’t as prevalent in my photo as it is in most where it’s been used, but I wanted to keep it subtle because, honestly, that’s how I edit.

The gentleman in the photo is a retired co-worker who, when he sets his mind to do something, he sticks with it. When the world as we knew it changed in March of 2020, he made the decision that he wasn’t going to shave or cut his hair until… well he didn’t know when, and he still doesn’t. I’m thankful he agreed to let me take the shot so I could do an edit like the Dragon Effect. As you can see by the images on this site I’m not one to take portraits, but if I can capture them as well as I did with this one, I’d be well inclined to do more.

I call this image “Resistant”

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